Monday, September 24, 2007

Mercury, kidney damage, and broken bones

Mercury, even in minimal quantities, causes kidney damage over time. So, what kind of kidney damage may be expected?

The type of damage that occurs affects the tubules in the kidney that are involved in the hydroxylation of 25-OH vitamin D, i.e. the making of its metabolite, the hormone 1,25-OH vitamin D, as well as EPO (erythropoietin), a hormone used by the body to make red blood cells. A person with chronic mercury poisoning is thus likely to also have osteomalacia or if that person is a child rickets.

Knowing that doesn't help Erik. I am afraid he is permanently damaged. But if this bit of information is disseminated, it might wake up some interest. Vitamin D is best obtained from the sun. Second best is cod liver oil, and third Vitamin D3. Anyone out there, please pass it on. This is vital information.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can't believe that I could be so right

Last week my son John found out that the level of mercury in his blood was much too high. He had taken a challenge test just to be sure that he hadn't left any stone unturned in his quest to find out about his painful hip. I suggested that he undergo the test, and what do you know the results showed a high reading. I am not a psychic. I know something about what toxicity is. That's why I suggested the test. How could I be so right?

Today Zach got the results for his most recent blood test. I had suggested to him to find out about his vitamin D level, and what do you know his level was quite a bit too low, even though he had been eating two pills of 1000 micro grams every day. Is it just me. No, really, I am not psychic. I just put two and two together.

A while back, though, when I suggested to a doctor that Erik had rickets as I looked at the x-rays that had been put up in front of a light box for all of us to see, the doctor said flat out "no". But Erik did have rickets. It was dicovered seven years too late. He now spends his time in a wheel chair because he has contractures and about fifteen broken bones in all areas of his skeleton. How could I be so right? I am not a psychic. I just read according to my interests, and again I am not a psychic. I just pay attention to what I see and hear. If all you (doctors?) read a little more and didn't think so much about real estate that you seem to know better than your profession, you could have a leg up on me. I wouldn't mind to, at least once in a while, see that leg up. Is that too much to ask at the prices you charge?

I find it very discouraging to see so few legs up. Physicians of the world start having you legs up! I am waiting for the necessary trust to put in you.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Watching the sun go down

Waiting at the intersection of Charleston and San Antonio Road I saw the beautiful large red half sun at the western horizon. I waited less than the time it took for the stop light to change from red to yellow to green, and it had completely disappeared beneath the line separating earth form sky. Fascinating! It took less than a minute and a half. The sun didn't even wait for the light to turn.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Two things beautiful

The sun was a ball of fire this morning. It was indeed a beautiful sight. The color was no ordinary color red. It had the history of the past days written all over its face. The smoke put a veil of gauze over the blue to haze the sky and cast an orange eerie hue over the land, the Indian summer was a reminder of fires past. The haze imprisoned the heat and jealously guarded the valley of heart's delight.

I found a leaf under the Asian pear tree. The leaf was yellow and red and green, like the flag of Benin or maybe Bolivia but much more vibrant. The red had the color fire, and the green was still so fresh. There was a brown spot in the middle. The perfection of the imperfect.